Our projects
december 2020
3 days, 61 teams from 43 cities
Pandemic DataHack
Data analysts, developers, machine learning experts, visualization specialists and product designers were granted exclusive access to the expanded datasets of the Russian Federal Service for Labor and Employment and non-personal data on citizens participating in the government's employment programs.
The hackathon was organized by the Center for Advanced Governance and the Russian Federal Service for Labor and Employment. It was sponsored by GeekBrains, Superjob, Yandex, DataLens and Avito Work.
Goals of the hackathon:
  • Analyzing labor market trends in the conditions of a pandemic
  • Estimating the ways in which the pandemic has affected the labor market
  • Developing machine learning models to assess the value of skills offered by job – seekers on the Work in Russia website (trudvsem.ru)
  • UX/UI design of a Work in Russia mobile app
An online hackathon on the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on the labor market in Russia, with a prize pool of over $17,000.
may 2021
Emergency DataHack
An online hackathon on predicting emergencies on rivers and federal motorways
During the hackathon, teams of data analysts, machine learning specialists, geography and hydrology specialists developed machine learning (ML) models to find solutions to real issues faced by the Russian Emergencies Ministry.
  • Determining the probability of ice blocks on the Lena River during springtime
  • Predicting the maximum water level on the Lena River during springtime
  • Predicting car accident probability
The data for ML models was provided by the Russian Emergencies Ministry, the Federal Road Agency, the Main Directorate for Traffic Safety, the Federal Agency for Water Resources, the GLONASS satellite navigation system, as well as Russian telephone operators Tele2 and Rostelecom.
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Data events
We organize hackathons, contests and meetups in cooperation with data holders.

Data visualization specialists, developers, product designers, machine learning experts, researchers and data analysts work together to find real solutions to public issues.
december 2021
6 days, 36 cities, 9 countries, 970 participants
An online contest on visualization of RDI data with the aid of Yandex DataLens
We organized a Yandex DataLens workshop for visualization specialists and an online talk with experts in corporate and public analytics.
The contest was divided into two fields: research and business.
• Research
Participants could select a dataset from the RDI library, examine the data and write a long-read data journalism article.
• Business
Participants could select one out of three objectives based on datasets with information about Russian universities, major Russian cities and the official unemployment rate. Participants were asked to create a dashboard that would offer a solution to one of the issues.
Each participant of the contest received detailed feedback from experts in the field: Roman Bunin, Alexander Bogachev, Andrei Dorozhny, Anastasia Kuznetsova and Pavel Dubinin.
A total of 36 best projects made it to the final.
You can have a look at the finalists on the website of the contest (in Russian).
Our projects
Research Data Infrastructure (RDI)
Research Data Infrastructure (RDI, available at data-in.ru) acts as a mediator between researchers and data holders.

This platform gives researchers access to detailed, previously unpublished government and society data, making it easier to work with open data. All datasets are compiled and structured to be easily accessed by researchers and data analysts.
Data events
We organize hackathons, contests and meetups in cooperation with data holders.

Data visualization experts, developers, product designers, machine learning specialists, researchers and data analysts are working with RDI data to come up with meaningful solutions.
Library for Evidence-Based Policy Making (in Russian)
Evidence-based policy-making is an idea proposing that policy decisions should be based on rigorously established experimental research and data.

We have compiled a library of the best examples and practices of evidence-based policy making in Russian. Our library also includes public talks and other information that will help you get acquainted with evidence-based policy making approaches.
Digital maturity assessment
A comprehensive evaluation of companies, educational institutions and government bodies.

Our team presents case studies that help us estimate growth potential, detect areas of development and come up with digital transformation strategies.
Digitalization academy
A course developed in cooperation with the Legal Academy that deals with digital policy-making.

The course includes lectures presented by researchers, attorneys and experts on the ways policy-making and legal regulation adapt to the needs of modern society. It also considers possible ways to develop a digitalized legal sphere.