Our projects
Digital maturity assessment
We have developed our own technique of digital maturity assessment, which can be adapted both for government bodies and commercial organizations.
Our assessment method helps estimate the organization's growth potential, its areas of development, and develop an individual digital transformation strategy.
As a result:
  • We offer an effective digital transformation strategy that includes key aspects such as company culture, HR and company processes at all levels
  • We assess analytics development and data quality, human resources and company infrastructure at the level of process management and digital product management
  • Our comparative analysis deals with the organization as a whole and its separate divisions in particular
  • Based on our analysis, we draw up a detailed action plan that involves all departments and divisions of the company
  • We also set KPIs required to boost the company's digital maturity
Our projects
Research Data Infrastructure (RDI)
Research Data Infrastructure (RDI, available at data-in.ru) acts as a mediator between researchers and data holders.

This platform gives researchers access to detailed, previously unpublished government and society data, making it easier to work with open data. All datasets are compiled and structured to be easily accessed by researchers and data analysts.
Data events
We organize hackathons, contests and meetups in cooperation with data holders.

Data visualization experts, developers, product designers, machine learning specialists, researchers and data analysts are working with RDI data to come up with meaningful solutions.
Library for Evidence-Based Policy Making (in Russian)
Evidence-based policy-making is an idea proposing that policy decisions should be based on rigorously established experimental research and data.

We have compiled a library of the best examples and practices of evidence-based policy making in Russian. Our library also includes public talks and other information that will help you get acquainted with evidence-based policy making approaches.
Digital maturity assessment
A comprehensive evaluation of companies, educational institutions and government bodies.

Our team presents case studies that help us estimate growth potential, detect areas of development and come up with digital transformation strategies.
Digitalization academy
A course developed in cooperation with the Legal Academy that deals with digital policy-making.

The course includes lectures presented by researchers, attorneys and experts on the ways policy-making and legal regulation adapt to the needs of modern society. It also considers possible ways to develop a digitalized legal sphere.